space to see

nature's tokens
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So, after yesterday's big de-junk, I have more space to breath and notice the things around me. We're a family of little details- noticing small things- which explains both the need to de-clutter regularly and, ah, why my kitchen windows still only have half a coat of kilz. Big picture? Let's finish painting the woodwork. And cabinets. Bigger picture? Let's take a bike ride after supper.

The back of my wagon was full- I get a rush off of pitching things. After Gary got home from visiting his mom at the hospital we attacked our books- hard for voracious readers- and thinned them by 15%. They'll be dropped off today.

After our anniversary lunch (marinated fish tacos with avocado creme and grilled summer squash and a glass of nice dry rose`), I made another ten berry bowls. I'm now back to the level I was before the incident two weeks ago. I'll trim them today and hope to finish another ten by Friday. I have a deadline of July 13 for one of the pieces (a gift for a friend who is moving), so it's time to get moving.

Is it really only Wednesday? It has been such a busy week.