one local supper-july 10

This was so so good. One of my favorite summer dishes that I discovered ten years ago when the Memphis paper ran an article on world-famous Ripley, TN tomatoes. It's a polenta-crusted tomato tart, layered with basil and goat feta. The original recipe called for a cheddar in the polenta and basil-mayonnaise sauce, but I didn't feel like making the mayo today, and I've not found local cheddar. I use stone-ground polenta from Oxford, MS. The Grit Girl, Georgeanne Ross, sells at the Botanic Gardens Midweek Market and brings wonderful stone-ground yellow corn polenta, grits, cornmeal, masa, and now wheat and buckwheat flours. The tomatoes are from Ripley, and the goat feta is made by my favorite egg-and-goat-cheese man.

The salad. Oh, man. I piled up little groups of green and purple (these are SO good!) pole beans, sliced cucumbers that my neighbor grew, heirloom cherry tomatoes, and yellow squash slices around a pile of spicy arugula. We used homemade yogurt-based ranch dressing with garden herbs and garlic either to dress the salad, or in the case of little boy, as a dip for the veggies. We'll definitely be having salad this way again- he cleaned his plate.