Have you seen Mark Bittman's newest 101 list? Of simple but swank picnic foods? I usually read his column first thing on Wednesday mornings, but this week I just didn't get to it. A friend (who lives in China, no less) emailed it to me, and may I say that this may make up the rest of my summer supper calendar? I'm printing them to peruse as I get to them. While the recipes may take a tad longer than this tomato eaten out of hand, they look as satisfying and certainly more impressive to family and guests. We'll start trying them tonight.

This week I'll have a small batch of berry bowls ready for my pre-order list. I'm going to keep making them until my orders are filled, plus maybe 10 more, then I'm through for the summer. After the big break (my land, that was nearly three weeks ago and I'm still not recovered), I lost my berry bowl mojo. I need the rest of the summer to gear up for teaching again and- gulp- the holidays.