farmers market veggie tray

I thought this turned out so, so pretty. I love the different colors and textures (and flavors). The center bowl is filled with homemade yogurt and goat-feta dip. I took it to a party Saturday afternoon, reprised it for a hospitality hour today, and sent what was left home with a friend who loves veggies. I bought three pounds of green beans at the farmers market and still have 2 lbs to deal with this week. I was happy to share the vegetable goodness.

This blue tray/bowl is one of the first big pieces I made. It's only about 12" across, maybe 4" tall, a shallow bowl that I made to hold the four remote controls we had at the time- something nice to put on the coffee table and corral the things. By the time we had little boy, we were down to 3 remotes. By the time he was walking, he'd permanently lost one of them. Now we're down to one, which only works on the dvd/vcr. We watch less tv and are happier that way.

I'll be gone from this space for much of this week, I think. I'm having a little medical procedure tomorrow and am not sure what the recovery time will be. I'll be back soon, though! Think good thoughts for me, friends.