this week in review

We're headed out of town this afternoon for a weekend with family at a lake about 3 hours away, and I'll be frank, I'm ready to leave this week behind. I never fully recovered from Tuesday's debacle. Even thought some great things happened, like a visit with a favorite relative, some sewing, twice, even, and a big listing of the bud vases on etsy, the week was punctuated by a little boy's stomach virus, a couple 3 or 4 am morning starts, and then a minor but frustrating car incident.

Instead of being all cranky (oh, I am SO cranky right now), I will focus on the blessings, like all of the nice, sympathetic comments I got from ya'll here and on flickr regarding the pottery loss, the success of last week's pottery sale and its continuation on etsy this week, a very nice swimming teacher who rescheduled our missed week of lessons, the wonderful fact that car bumpers are plastic lego-like constructions and it wasn't a car or a person or a building that I hit. And that the bumper seems to have just snapped back into place. Several good dinners happened this week, and little boy is finally over this virus. I have another session of my icon class on Sunday, and I hope to jump back on the pottery-making train on Monday. Have a great weekend, everyone. I'm going to go sit down with my knitting now and wait for the weekend to start!