queen anne's lace
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I took yesterday to rest after last week's craziness. I'd intended to list the pottery that didn't go at my sale. It didn't happen. Some will go up today. I'm also firing another batch of berry bowls that didn't get into the kiln last week. I'm behind on getting them finished and shipped out, so if you're waiting for one, I apologize.

The temps are a bit cooler here this week- last week got into the mid to high 90s all week- typical August temperatures- so I'll be able to bisque and glaze quickly. I'm grateful for any temps under 92, with less than 50% humidity. I love living in the deep south, but let me tell you, things move slower here because there's no other option. It's hard to be speedy when the night air is as tactile as a velvet cloak on your skin. Sounds romantic, but the reality is that most of us turn into slugs in the summer. Today is brisk in comparison, so I'm loading up the kiln this morning and getting back in the game.