pottery photos

most of the photos of my pottery on this blog are pictures that I've taken with my little Kodak EasyShare C603 Zoom. It wasn't expensive, although my days as a college and graduate student, living on less than $500 a month, have permanently colored my vision of personal finance and I'm extremely careful with spending, so that $150 or so felt like a small fortune. Eventually, we'll upgrade, but I take almost all of my pictures with the macro feature (forgive my dismal knowledge of photography lingo) and I'm pretty pleased.
This photo was taken by Kim, who ordered a set of herb and vegetable markers from my shop. I love it- it is so different from my other herb marker photos- maybe just because it's in her garden and not in mine!
Many of you have seen Molly's berry bowl. One of my college friends recently said that it looks like a professional food photographer took it! This week Jennifer took another lovely photo of the bowl and shared it on her blog. Again, I see food-styling in her future! I'm tickled to see my work in use in your lives*- creating work to enrich daily living is one of the biggest reasons I do what I do. Well, also, I don't think that I could stop.

This coming week may be post-light as I work towards glazing and cleaning the house for my sale this weekend. I'll still be around, so I'll see you later!

*Sunday edit- Michele of calico daisy added some pictures of my butter dish here. Thanks Michele!!