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today's task- finish addressing and mail the postcards for next weekend's sale. My postcard mailing list is limited to Memphis and surrounding suburbs, so I only send them out a week ahead of time. I'm pleased with how they turned out, but I am definitely going to go the sticker-address-label route next time.

I LOVE the tropical fruit stamps, but I've always been a fan of postage stamps. Two years ago (or was it only last year?) I bought 200 Gee's Bend quilt stamps. I'm still using them, just adding more penny stamps. Stamps are such little works of art- I frequently find myself peeling canceled stamps off envelopes to keep for craft projects.

When Gary and I married in 2000 the Louise Nevelson stamps had just come out- all black and white and spare and graphic. I used them on my wedding invitations! I know some people must have thought we were insane, but Nevelson has been one of my favorite artists since I was in high school. I even came up with a Nevelson-inspired project when I taught kids' art camps. Now if only there would be Louise Bourgeois spider stamps. . . . .

I'm feeling a little all over the place today, seeking balance and realizing that I always feel this way the week before a sale. Just keep breathing, I tell myself.