one local supper -june 1

This was our first 100% local supper. The cut off for food products is 100 miles- the goat cheese is the farthest away from our home-everything else is closer than 60 miles and came from the Memphis Farmers Market, my garden, or family. We had sauteed broccoli-raab (one of my very favorite vegetables) from Whitton Flower and Produce Company in east Arkansas. Also hailing from east Arkansas is my dad's hunting camp's homemade venison summer sausage. I have a huge log of it in my freezer that we cut up as our meat garnish for veggie meals. With two carnivorous boys, the meat garnish helps. The stone-ground polenta comes from Delta Grind, in Oxford, MS. Also in the main dish are heirloom egyptian walking onions that were threatening to take over our garden. The goat cheese is from Bonnie Blue Farm, also at the Memphis Farmers Market.

In the salad we have my mother's snow peas and carrots from her garden, and mixed greens from the Botanic Gardens Farmers Market. The radishes are also from Whitton- they are leftover from my invitation photo shoot. Even the flowers are local- perennial sweet peas that grown along my neighbor's fence.

This meal was SO good. Even 4 year-old little boy ate it all with gusto. I'm excited about our local meal and what this summer's experiments with 100% local will bring.