mini vacation

tiny plates
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It was SO nice to get away, nice to come home. Time to unpack the bags, start the laundry, and keep putting the pottery on etsy. Get back on the berry bowls.

We spent the weekend at the lake with my aunt and her new ski boat. I hadn't skied since 1997 or 1998. In 1999 I had my eardrum replaced after a really bad infection/perferation. They said "no more skiing." I didn't listen. I took a really nasty spill, hurt my ear, and have to go back to the ENT to have them take a look at it and drain the lake water out of my ear. Fun. Worth it? Not really. The rest of the weekend was wonderful, despite the fall that seemed tied to last week's maladies.

Back to real life now. Dinners, garden, pottery, etsy, keeping little boy occupied. To start: I just got four of these little plates up (minus the ginkgo and the center fern/fiddlehead plate) to join with the bud vases. Next up: more little bowls and all of my bright yellow and blue cups and sugar/creamer sets.