local supper- last week

local supper- June 11
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I didn't blog this last week 'cause I was too crazed, but this meal ended up being outstandingly good. I'm leaning a bit too heavily on the venison sausage, but that will end as I either a) get better at this or b) buy some grass-fed beef/local chickens. I want us to go more veggie, but the boys sulk a little.

We had a baked-omelete thing with eggs and goat feta from the farmers market. Swiss chard from the garden. Basil from the garden, and onions from the garden. In Feb I had some onion sprouting issues in my pantry, so I planted about 6 of them, just to see what would happen. I later read that they'd just produce seed, but most of them split like shallots and made new baby onions. Bonus- most of the time onions make me weep. Not this time.

Next up, some really good farmer's market broccoli. For dessert, sauteed peaches with Angel Food Ice Cream (made in Memphis). We're almost out of the Angel Food, but my Mom gave us her old Donvier (same brand as my yogurt maker!) ice cream maker, so we'll start making our own sorbets and ice creams. There is a fig ice cream recipe over at Chocolate and Zucchini that I'll definitely try once my figs start coming in.

This meal was surprisingly good. When I was pregnant we had chickens, and I found myself unable to eat eggs. This first happened when I made a frittata and was grossed out. I really only like eggs fried/poached with the yolk nice and hot but still runny, or boiled. I had reservations about this, since it LOOKS like a frittata, but it was delicious. It was even better cold for lunch the next day. Little boy didn't like it (except for the sausage and cheese), but Gary and I ate it heartily. I only used 4 eggs, too, so it was a pretty thrifty meal.

This week: BEETS!!!