early morning

This was me early this morning, except that instead of making, I was finishing. I woke up early, roused by dogs who start needing to go out at 5:30, and dreaming that the pottery I'd thrown and covered up on Friday had all dried to the point that they weren't trimmable anymore. Well, out of eight bowls, two were completely dry, but the other six were wet enough to trim and pierce later today. I am really behind on getting the berry bowls done, but little boy's virus week before last, last weeks dr's appointments (oh, my ear is fine! And I CAN ski again!) and hospital visits with Gary's mother means that not much work got done. There are more important things than a production schedule, and when something in my life has to go on the back burner, it seems that it is always pottery. I'm not complaining, but if I owe you a berry bowl, I hope you'll understand. June has flown by faster than I'd like.

While I was throwing on Friday (I'm not sure, but I think that I only spent time in the studio twice last week. Once session produced four bowls, the next saw six. That's 10 of 30! YAY!) I also threw a set of dessert plates with some tiny ferns and japanese maple leaves I harvested from in front of my babysitter's house. They'll be in the green on white "Delta Zen" colorway. They look a lot like these, but bigger and the design is on the outside, near the rim, rather than in the center of the plate. I didn't even uncover them to start trimming them because little boy woke up and it was time to start the mama job.

It's time to start thinking about the holidays, believe it or not! I have a private home sale coming up in the fall in addition to my regular at-home sale, plus a friend has asked me to put work in her shop for the holidays. And there are the sisters that want working on. My, my, how time flies!