to market, to market

to buy a fat pig. . . They do actually sell wonderful free-range meats, including pork, at our farmer's market. I won't be buying one this Saturday- I'll content myself with fresh broccoli and beautiful cheddar cauliflower, maybe some delicious arugula mix. I've finished glazing the ladybug pottery I intend to bring- there is more to glaze, but I don't need to bring it all on Saturday. My leaf-print mugs have their leaves painted and waxed. All that's left is to re-mix the white glaze and dip them after I finish teaching this afternoon. I might have a dozen or so herb markers to glaze, but that kiln is firing this afternoon. It's time to gather my tablecloth, figure out how I'll attach my new banner to the tablecloth (I had a friend who owns a sign company make up a table-sized banner that looks just like my blog banner, above), make change, make sure my bucket of herbs is happy enough to bring, and maybe run to the nursery to refresh any that have petered out. Like my marjoram that mysteriously started dying off last week. The end is in sight!

Teaching this week has been wonderful-yesterday I taught at a school that we're considering for little boy- I've taught there all year, working with the 4th grade classes. Yesterday I got a peek at the pre-K room and the art room- it's such a sunny, bright, diverse place. The only thing that I'm not sold on is the fact that I'd have to drive over. The other school, right next to his preschool, is less than a mile from the house. Since April 21, we've walked or biked to and from school, at least from school on days that I'm teaching. It feels like living in a small town-I hate the idea of losing that daily pleasure.