I showed you these mugs when they were green and drying on my shelf back in early april. Finally, finally, the finished results. I love these two fiddlehead numbers. In the background is a Sensitive fern and either a Resurrection fern or a small Christmas fern. Delta Zen colorway.

My most favorite of this series was a dandelion leaf and blossom, which have always made me happy. Anybody see the old Japanese movie "Tampopo"? I was inspired by it back in 2001 to make a large dandelion platter- I might need to revisit that idea. Surely I'm not the only person who sees these are more than "just weeds." Even if they are weeds, you've got to admire their persistence. They are impossible to slay- a good characteristic for most of us to emulate, no? Of course the mug sold before I was able to get a picture. That always happens.

Back to the mugs: I only glazed 8 of these mugs for the farmers market. There are several left to glaze for the next market. I need to root around in my mother's ferns and in my little fern patch to find more fiddleheads- these drew a lot of comments from shoppers, so I should find a way to keep making them. The problem with fiddleheads is that they are easiest to find in early spring. By the summer, most ferns aren't putting up new growth, and the pressed versions don't leave the best impressions in the clay.