more of molly's bowl

Hello to all of you who have come over from Molly's blog. She takes a lovely photo, doesn't she? Thanks, Molly, for letting me use this (and I'm happy to report that it's no longer thumbnail size)! So, if you're here because of this little bowl, and you want one, I'm planning to start making them on Monday afternoon (**edit, I started today, Sunday 5/11). Do you think you could drop me a line (bridgmanpottery-at-yahoo) so that I can estimate how many I'll need to make? Maybe put "berry bowl" in the subject line? Then I can let you know what my guestimate is for the price and also when I think they'll be ready (end of May-ish if I really get my pottery groove on). I love how it turned out in white, but yellow, blue, and celadon will also be available. I really appreciate all of the enthusiasm out there for this little guy!

Have a great weekend!