lucky bowls

lucky bowls
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Have I showed these to you before? I've been making them for almost 8 years- since I first started making pottery. Four-leaf clovers usually jump out at me- I can sometimes look down into a clover patch and see three or four of the lucky ones. These are some of my favorite little gifts, especially as a tiny happy for friends who are facing tough times and need a little cheer.
I took a bunch of these to the farmer's market this weekend, and they certainly brought a load of luck with them- or maybe the fact that the market was the day before Mother's Day was just the lucky part. I didn't bring the big cup, and I left one of the little bowls at home, but the rest are gone! I sold almost all of my tiny bowls and did brisk business with the herb markers, mugs, bud vases, and even platters! I'll be back there on the 31st and will do a demonstration of how I make the herb markers.

It has been such a busy weekend- with the market, Mother's Day, some good friends' late Cinco de Mayo party, and it seems like nine other things going on (including an early jump on the berry bowls!)- that I haven't put the market pictures on my computer. I'll do that this week- they'll be over at flickr.

This is post 100 for me. I know who many of my readers are and am happy to call many of you friends, but I'd love it if the rest of you might consider de-lurking for me. Pretty please, I'm curious! If you'll comment on this post, I'll pick a random comment (little boy will pick a number from the total number of post by Wednesday, 5/14) and I'll send you a happy yellow tiny bowl.

Have a wonderful week!