Ya'll, I am just bowled over by the response to the berry bowl. You really know how to make a girl feel like she's on the right path! I have seven ready to fire, seven more waiting to be pierced, and ten more to throw. At this point, if you've already contacted me about them, I'll have your order up as "reserved for" on etsy around the first of June-hopefully the last week of May. If you want one but haven't gotten in touch with me yet, we're looking at mid-to-late-June. My annual Summer Sale (at home, here in Midtown Memphis) is going to be the first or second weekend of June, so that, current orders, and the May 31 Memphis Farmers Market are in the forefront of my priority list right now. Did I mention that I've also been teaching art in the schools for the past two weeks? Tomorrow is my last class, so the rest of the week will be all studio time.

I'm really excited about pottery right now, so I hope that my output will be high AND of high quality. I still haven't taken my farmers market photos off of the camera, maybe tomorrow!