fiddlehead teapot, II

fiddlehead teapot
Originally uploaded by Bridgman Pottery
I believe I showed ya'll this when it was green. I was really pleased with its form and loved how the fiddlehead sprigs (see referenced post above for an explanation of sprigware) turned out. I had planned to glaze this in the deep celadon glaze, but when it came down to it, I remembered that my friend Leigh Ann had suggested that I keep it in the simple green and white "delta zen" colorway, and since the celadon wasn't mixed properly, I went with what was easiest. I'm not thrilled with this handle- it should be smaller, but I'll need to find another. I think next time I do this I'll go ahead and make the regular attached ceramic handle.

Oh! I DID get my "not picardie" tumbler back. The preschool teacher even washed it for me. I'll have to work on getting her a little happy to thank her for returning the cup. It's funny, while it was gone I decided that I DID like it, and that potter and commenter Barb Jensen was right, that I just need to hand-make more of them.

Happy Tuesday!