berry bowl update

many, many berry bowls
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A very grainy shot of all of my berry bowls. I made 27 this week. Honestly, I had to because every night this week I dreamed of nothing but berry bowls and not having enough. So, here they are: some for orders, some for the farmers market, some for my home sale. Sunday I threw 7, then pierced them on Monday. Tuesday afternoon I got into the pottery sweet spot and threw twenty of them. It took the rest of the week to trim and pierce them. I found one yesterday that had been hiding. It was trimmed, its handle was inside the bowl, the holes were marked but not pierced. I'll do that this evening. I hope to get everything bisqued by this coming Friday (if not sooner) and start glazing to fire by Wednesday next. The next Memphis Farmers Market that I'll do is May 31, and I'd like to get all of your orders posted up on etsy by Thursday the 29th.

This has been a crazy-busy weekend, but in the best way. Friday night was family pizza night- I couldn't live without our pizza stones (yes, plural, 2 round, one big rectangular baking dish). Saturday we had a big gardening and tree-house-building (the boys' project) day. Our garden is old and full of heirloom plants that like to travel. My mother was kind enough to help me chop out some overgrown bushes and trees. She also brought me several thrifted wool sweaters to felt for the baptismal banners I make, plus a size xl handspun Manos del Uruguay sweater to frog and reuse. Such gorgeous wool. About 2,000 yards of it to split with my mom! Dinner was at Al-Ryan, a wonderful and inexpensive Lebanese restaurant in a tiny strip-mall in midtown. And then I made three dozen red velvet cupcakes for a cakewalk at the annual St. Mary's bbq picnic this afternoon. Said cupcakes are still waiting to be iced. I am in love with Cheryl Porro's cupcake blog!

well. This post is all over the place. But I hope that it finds you all well and as full of spring enthusiasm as my little family is!