the work

I'm afraid I'm too tired for much text- so here are some pictures of the brand spankin' new work- ready to dry, more to make, lots to fire, lots to glaze. You can see that I have a strong emphasis on botanicals. After these pieces dry a bit, I'll sand/wipe the fingerprints and "clay boogers" off of them.

I'm a little afraid this one won't make it. It will have to pot itself off the bat because I can't get it off. I broke two wires trying. I did cut it off after I made it yesterday, but now that it's time to trim, no luck.

Lots of fiddleheads in this batch

sixteen mugs with ferns, fiddleheads, and other pretty leaves from the garden

Japanese Climbing Fern oblong platter. This is a "swell" melamine platter from Target that is my most favorite mold to use.