sarah's platter

sarah's platter
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Last night my mother requested a few pieces of pottery to send to friends in NC as wedding gifts. One was for her friend Janet's daughter, Sarah. Janet was my mom's closest friend when we lived in Greenville NC. She is an alumna of Salem College and introduced me to the school. If I'd not known Janet, I would have attended UNC-Chapel Hill, not moved to Mississippi after graduating, not met and married Gary, not become a potter, not been here with you today. So, I owe Miss Janet a huge debt of gratitude for shaping my life's path. Janet's youngest daughter, Sarah, is a sweet, elegant, very brilliant young lady. When Mom mentioned Sarah, I knew immediately which piece I wanted her to have. In my (not so humble) opinion, this piece is quietly elegant, refined but unpretentious, useful but lovely in its utility. These qualities also aptly describe its recipient (for Sarah also has a business degree from Duke!)
This platter is one of my very favorites of all that I've ever made. The fern is an oak fern*, one of the few ferns that will grow in full sun. I got a piece from my mother, before she moved back to TN. She got hers from a piece that was in a pot of something else, given to her by another gardening friend. I love this fern - truth be told, I love all ferns. This one is tall (3-4 feet!), wavy, adds texture, and its rambunctious nature makes it a good fit for areas that would othewise be neglected.
The oak ferns have really sprung to life over the past few weeks and the clump is happily expanding. I plan to make several more of these platters for my summer sale.

Happy Friday, everyone!

*nope. it's bracken. my bad.