Repurposed: bag dryer

improv bag dryer
Originally uploaded by Bridgman Pottery
I had been coveting the Gaiam bag dryer for years, but I refused to put up the $20 plus shipping. In January, when I read about Danny Seo making a similar dryer out of a thrift store toothbrush holder, inspiration struck. I made this little yellow self-arranging vase for summer zinnias a year or so ago. It was sitting, sad and forlorn, in my china cabinet with the other out-of-season vases this winter. Out it came, and filled with take-out chopsticks (and a few of our "nice" ones), it sits on my kitchen window sill. I use it every day to dry the plastic zipper bags I reuse. This shape, by the way, is the same shape as "not great aunt edna's teapot". I like this classic greek-inspired form and use it fairly frequently.