For now. There's another load to go. At 1pm, I was still glazing. I am weary of it. I am very dirty. It's been 3 days I've been working on glazing while little boy is at school. I have a largeish kiln and 70+ pieces, which explains some of the time it is taking, but I'm also trying some new things. This means that there is some new work I'll be excited to show on Friday or Saturday. There is another full load that has yet to be glazed.

Object lesson: be neater with new pottery- less finishing work. Glaze as I go to avoid 3-day marathon glazing sessions.

I spoke with my friend and coworker Deirdre right before I finished. She agreed that you have to get into a "glazing mindset" and that three straight days of it was probably no good. Now her work is infinitely more detailed than mine is, and I'd hate to have to be as careful in glazing as she has to. My fingers are crossed that everything will turn out well, because there are a few gifts in this load, and if the experimental pieces turn out well, I think that they could become a new line for me. Pictures soon.