eating an elephant

Today I begin glazing. The real work begins. See, making the pottery- throwing, trimming, even sanding it all smooth, that's fun. I enjoy that part. Glazing? That part's not so fun.

Yesterday was a pretty blissful- had my run, had a pottery-related lunch meeting at a yummy cafe (BLT on homemade sourdough with avocado? Yes please! And a tax deductible pottery expense? May I have another meeting please?) around the corner from my house, then walked to pick up little boy from school early. We walked home, got the new bike, then went to the playground with another little friend. Stayed at the playground for a long time, chatted with the other mom, knitted on my sock. Came home, played more, made a fabulous Vietnamese Steak Salad (read- sneak in six types of vegetables by putting small pieces of steak over them) which we ate outside under the patio umbrella, on my grandmother's wrought iron patio table, put the boy to bed, watched Scotland, PA, which we thought was an interesting if crazy take on MacBeth. Who isn't up for a little monday-night Shakes?

This morning, little boy rides to school- I tell you, that bike is an amazing thing- while I walk beside him. And a playdate after school! So mama can work! Except work is glazing and it's messy and I've got at least 12 hours of it to look forward to. Maybe 4 today. How do we eat an elephant? One bite at a time. My right-now bite is stamping my logo stamp on the bottom and waxing. Maybe a little leaf detail work.

Oh, it is such a good thing I backed out of my show.