Divided mezze* platters

Divided mezze platters
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I'm revisiting some old work- this photo is from a 2003 commission for a wedding gift. I made 6 or 8 plates that were divided like bento boxes or those little kids' melamine plates. In this case, the bride didn't like it when her food touched, so her friends, my customers, asked me to make her this set. Because the concept seemed so bento-like to me, I used a lot of asian-inspired images. Here are Japanese maple and Nandina, which is also called heavenly bamboo. I also used horsetail grass, a type of fern that ended up looking like stalks of bamboo, some ferns, and ginkgo leaves. I used a glass light fixture cover as my mold. This is the same glaze combo that I use in all of my "delta zen" pieces, like Sarah's platter, below.

*edited to add- we called them mezze platters because at the time, that was one of our favorite easy suppers. I'd go once a quarter or so to the mediterranean grocery in town and get cans of dolmas (stuffed grape leaves), jars of roasted peppers, homemade pita, fabulous thick labna, and all manner of other middle eastern pre-prepared goodness. The divisions in these plates, as well as their ample size, made us think that they'd be perfect for serving such an assortment of goodies. I need to go back to that market- it's closer now and I haven't been in years! This week we'll have mezze for supper.