back to work

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Thank you to everyone who left kind comments and emailed about little boy - he is finally feeling better after 10 days of on-again, off-again sick. Your sweet support has really meant a lot! Now it's time for me to get back to work. I have less than 25 days to get ready for this little show- last night I made six mugs and Gary worked on the new sticker for the postcard. This is my first choice for my image- most of my Mississippi customers gravitate towards these herb markers- and many of my Memphis customers do, too.

Today's task: find some ferns that are leafed out and/or in fiddlehead stage. Make some cilantro markers. Six more mugs, a couple of platters, maybe? Little boy is still at home, he likes to play in clay a bit, so maybe we'll have some family studio time.

And it's close to Tarheel time! My husband is a U Memphis alumn, so if our two teams wind up playing against each other, one of us will need to watch the game elsewhere.