archive friday

This morning after my run* I opened my blogroll and clicked on Loobylu, where I saw "archive friday," where she showcased some of her older work. While I've unofficially been revisiting some of my older work, I thought follow her lead and delve into my sketchbook today. This little image, drawn with a superfine pen on crepe paper (I think) and glued to a small white card, was the basis for my 2004 Christmas card. The bird was not so hard, but the nest was trying. I don't think you can tell, but I drew them separately and layered the images. When I was happy with the image, I did nothing more than take it to kinko's to have it printed and sent them out as postcards. I made my own christmas cards for years and years. Every year I consider buying cards and every year I bail on that idea. This year I embellished plain cards with snowflake cutouts.
Sorry, off topic. This little bird theme keeps showing up in my pottery. Hopefully, after the kiln cools (now, at 8 am, 12 hours after firing ended, everything is still too hot to touch), I'll be able to show you more little birds in my work!

Happy weekend!

*This is strange. This has always happened, and maybe other runners can explain it. I ran more distance today than Weds, which was more than Monday- breaking in the new shoes slowly. This morning I ran all the way around an additional block (yeah, sounds wimpy, I ran an extra block, but our neighborhood blocks are about 20 houses long, then skinny just-backyards on the other sides), plus my usual takes-30-minutes route. I got in the door and was shocked (SHOCKED, I tell you) to see that it took less time today than it did the rest of the week. What gives? Anybody know? I don't think I'm running faster- I did run more, but. . . .