snow day!

Well, not for me. Not for my boys, either. But Luther sure enjoyed his first snow! It doesn't snow much in Memphis, maybe once a year we'll see some flakes, but accumulation is much less frequent than that. It won't stick this time since we were in the 70s Sunday and Monday (that was yesterday!), but it is coming down like gangbusters.

Pottery work is happening, but not so much to see when work involves shipping (yay!), supplies, and computer work. I went to get new boxes for my etsy sales, recalculated my shipping charges based on the weight of each type of piece and plugging each weight into the USPS website for priority mail and insurance. Happily, I made accurate guesses, but some of my shipping charges have been lowered a bit. A few were raised: I'm not sure how I thought I could ship something priority for $4 when prices start at $4.60, but that's all fixed now. This is a learning process.

Yesterday I bisque fired for the first time in a while- my kiln needs a new part, so I can't do a glaze fire yet, but that will happen soon. Then I'll have LOTS of new work to show you!