rare sight in these parts

This is the result of an hour's snowfall in my garden- it is beginning to pile up on the bushes, birdhouses (this is an old raku bird-shaped birdhouse I made in 2002- I stopped doing Raku when I was pregnant with my boy), roofs, and fences. Beautiful fluffy white snow. We already went out for a snow walk, because it hasn't snowed like this in 2 years, and we haven't gotten 4+ inches like we expect since 2000. Amazing to see snow covering a forsythia in full bloom!

This photo was taken a mere 30 minutes later! I imagine that everyone in town not already cozy at home is at the grocery buying up all of the milk, bread, cornmeal, and kerosene in sight. Folks in the mid-to-deep south get a little crazy when we see white stuff falling from the sky.