Good Friday

Earlier this winter it seemed like my life was turning upside down. I had three weeks of what seemed like nothing but bad news, but it was a vehicle for many people to show their love and support during my mini-crises. Lately, everything has more than leveled out- it even seems to be on an upswing. I need a new roof, suddenly we have the funds available for a new roof. I didn't get into my "sure thing" show I do every year, but sales picked up on etsy and amazingly, I just got an offer from an old friend to set up as a featured artist in a gallery she's helping run. I am so, so grateful, and excited about the potential for that day.

These little bud vases were a birthday gift from a dear friend- I turned 33 on Palm Sunday and little bits of love have been trickling in my mailbox and front door all week long. The muscari are from my garden- I have planted hundreds of them and have happy deep blue drifts all along my flowerbeds and into the lawn. The tulips were a gift from another friend, delivered the evening of my birthday, after a long day of church and family egg hunts. Dear Gary got me that bamboo ring I wrote about a while back, and my mother is helping me with a giffin grip for the studio. It has been a good, full week with a festive, full weekend ahead. Happy Easter, happy spring.