craving color

We're expecting a busy and snowy weekend here- but this was from last weekend, when we had glorious late-spring like weather. This photo is blurry- I cut the focused part out-we're out in the country at my mom's, gathering golden cups of joy. This is what I call my "mork and mindy" tee shirt. You can almost see my red glasses.
I have a friend who once said that my pottery just didn't "do," it for her ("fair enough", I said, because to each her own, and it didn't really hurt my feelings) because there wasn't enough color. Jolts of blue, check, yellow, check, but admittedly, the bulk of my work is white, white, white. Because looking around at my home, my closet, even my lipstick stash, all I see is color- bold, vivid, pure pigments. Nothing shy or retiring. My favorite coat is the color of cooked gulf shrimp. Lipstick? Red. I own 7 pair of red shoes. Purse- red. Winter hat- emerald green. I guess I have to be restrained somewhere, and in my home, white stands out, especially when viewed on my yellow kitchen table. Also, I think, white makes the form stand out more than color, and I like to focus on the form and shape of my pottery more than its glaze color. Plus, a girl's eyes have got to rest somewhere, right?

Off to enjoy a day of sunshine before the snow (maybe) comes!