throwing and gifts

no photos yet, but I spent some time throwing this morning. I found a ceramic version of my favorite picardie glasses on etsy, which I'll show you when I've heard back from their maker, but I thought that the time had come to attempt my own again. I threw the right shape then tried to immediately cut the facets. Too soon, yes, and yes, it did warp the shape terribly, but I did well going around the entire little tumbler until I got to the last facet and cut through the wall. I threw a few more and will try to facet them again later this afternoon when they've had a chance to stiffen up a bit. I'll bring the camera up with me then, but a camera and wet clay don't do too well together.

I also made a memorial tile for a family who lost their beloved pup a week ago. It will look like this one that I made for our 15 year-old lab, Pete, when I had to put him down last April. Pete's was hurriedly done- I realized that his time had come, rolled out too-small a slab, and pressed his paw into the center just before we left for the vet's office. This time my struggle was getting the print- Luther (still a puppy at a year and a half- labs mature SLOWLY) refused, but thought we were playing a new game wherein dogs bite clay. I tried with him four times before giving up and calling Birdy,our 8 year old lab-airedale mix. She obliged, but was nervous (as I understand airedales are, and she always is about everything) about being in the studio. I think it turned out better than Pete's. I hope that our friends will like it once the heartbreak eases.