things I wish I could translate into clay

This is number one on my list: the French Duralex Picardie glass. I tried to throw and flute some, but they just didn't work for me. I bought a few for a quarter each at a thrift store, having long been obsessed with the form* (just like the cafe au lait bowls), was thrilled to discover their name, then dismayed to find out that they were no longer manufactured. Oh, there's still a version being made, I just don't like the "new" form. It's very square and boxy at the top, better for stacking, I think the idea was. I bought all that was left in 4,6, and 12 oz sizes at the local Williams-Sonoma outlet, but that only bought me 6 small glasses and 3 large ones. I'll be adding to the collection as I find them because they are fabulous. I dropped a 4 oz glass on the bathroom floor the other day- it bounced, didn't break. Everything breaks on 1920s tile!

I'd like to send a huge thank you to Patricia at A Little Hut for her praise and beautiful presentation of my bamboo tumbler. At my house, if you don't see a picardie glass in my hand, you'll find a bamboo tumbler. Thanks, Patricia.

*My plug for industrial design, this is. Also, as an aside, I'm teaching a sculpture unit right now at the museum. A student pulled me aside yesterday and whispered- is that really a trash can? It was an Alessi, I believe. I wish there had been time to talk about industrial design, but all I had time (and energy, due to my recovering but still present stomach flu) was a whispered-back "yes!"