I mentioned in my Mardi Gras post that I was taking on gratitude as a lenten discipline. The transforming power of gratitude on one's outlook on life is amazing. Of course, this fine, fine February day helps with a sunny outlook. After running errands this morning (which included picking up some easy to grow seeds for my boy and his mini-swap partner and a happy-valentines-to-me gift of a two raspberry plants- one golden!), I opened the windows to let fresh air into the house, put my new white hyacinth into a bright blue cache pot, and enjoyed the fruits of a quickie-rearrange project Gary and I worked up last night( it included a new "desk" area for little boy in the kitchen, up on flickr later).

I love living in Memphis- our winters are mild- I can keep arugula and herbs going year -round. Today is a beautiful day to get out and work in the garden. I love having a morning to myself. I love my museum job, even though it meant that most of my work in the studio this week was of the clean-up and rearrange type, and I love my home-job, because it provides me with a greater sense of self and an (paying!)outlet for my creative impulses.

The photo shows some of Gary's creativity. He makes shot-sign art- lighted pieces that typically have his fabulous photos on slide film behind each bullet hole. The "garden" sign came from a huge Liberal/Garden City Kansas highway sign. I claimed the Garden part before he could do anything else with it. He is such a nice guy, he just let me have it to hang up on our front porch.
Have a beautiful weekend!