bee skep butter dish

Green hive butter dish
Originally uploaded by Bridgman Pottery
I find myself making this from over and over again. This photo is one of the first butter dishes I made, inspired by the straw bee skeps scattered around the kitchen gardens in Old Salem, a historic district in Winston-Salem, NC, also the home of Salem College. I made the horizontal ridges with a Jepson wood profile tool just after throwing, while the piece was still wet. The top form is a bottomless cylinder, collared in at the top and closed with a finial form. I use my lid calipers to ensure a snug fit between the saucer and lid.

These come in celadon, yellow, and cobalt, in a variety of sizes and are good for covering cheeses as well as butter.

Also, I have to say thank you to Molly over at Mollycoddle for showcasing my little sea urchin, blog, and etsy store. Thank you, Molly! The blog love couldn't have come at a better time!