monday is my workday

Mondays are usually a dedicated pottery day- the Museum where I teach is closed to the public on Mondays, little boy is in school. Usually I am raring to go. Today, however, was a day of appointments, some made, some canceled. I found myself with chunks of time not long enough to get dirty in. I work- paperwork, taxes, marketing, brainstorming - at my battle-scarred hundred year old kitchen table that I bought from a funky boutique called Odette that closed in 2004 or 2005. The table was in pieces, but the yellow and blue called out to me. It's sturdy and not so precious that I worry when cars or Thomas the train or the occasional dump truck roll over it, or errant markers slide off the paper. This is my spot. Next to the radiator - we are fortunate to have working radiators in our old bungalow- with my laptop, old and filled with postit notes of blogs to look up and html cheat-sheets. I always have my biggest bamboo tumbler filled with tea (stash's ginger lemongrass is my current favorite), a pint glass of water, and the old school marbled notebook for ideas and must-remembers.

Despite the chill of January- due more to humidity than actual cold temperatures- we have flowers in the garden. These are red double camellias from a shrub that is almost as tall as the house, at least 40 years old. They are gracing a bud vase made by Julie Thomas , an Idaho potter, mother, and blogger I met through Flickr. I bought this sweet little vase around New Year's and she gifted me with its little sister, which lives on my bathroom windowsill. It reminds me of some of Frances Palmer's work, which I love and dream about being able to afford. I am enjoying Julie's little vase and plan to keep it filled with these red beauties until spring brings more blossoms.

So, here is where I spent my day, working on sales tax, dreaming up ideas, making plans, and getting ready for tomorrow.