inspiring me

I found this ring on etsy last night- oh, how I love bamboo. I remember my mother's youngest sister and her husband had bamboo wedding rings- I thought they were the most elegant things ever. Recently, I made a pair of socks out of bamboo yarn- not that you can tell it's bamboo just by looking at it, but I bought the yarn simply because of its fiber content.

Bamboo was once planted freely in my neighborhood. As the years passed and it grew out of control, my neighbors find that they are forced to cut it down to reclaim their backyards. Gary and I collect the poles to use as stakes in the garden- they make wonderful bean and tomato tepees. I leave them up during the winter to add some interest to the grey days. They give the winter wrens a perch for their evening concerts, as well.

Bamboo found its way into my pottery from the beginning. My favorite mug, shown in Monday's post, was thrown to resemble a bamboo cane, and I have several bowls whose rims have been pinched and carved to resemble the knuckles in bamboo. These bowls sold very slowly, so I kept all of the blue and white ones to use as serving pieces at my own table.

Oh, I love bamboo. The details about this particular ring are here.