Yesterday, after tinkering around
with my etsy account for most of the day,
I listed a couple of cafe au lait bowls at!
Lots of online fussing, lots of fussing in the basement photobooth, a little nervous hesitating, but it is up and ready to be looked at!

Today I hope to post a few more items, which means more digging through my pottery bins and fussing in the photobooth for me! Time consuming, but happy work. Dale and Brin Baucum, of Baucum Pottery, also in midtown Memphis, once told me that the actual making of pottery is one of the least time-consuming aspects of a potter's business. At the time, I had no idea that I'd spend five hours online fiddling with things to try and sell my pottery. I thought the wheel was the end all, be all of a potter's life. Eyes opened.

I chose a variation of this photo for the shop banner- Gary took it last year at the Oxford Double Decker Festival in Oxford, MS. The early morning light illuminating my pottery was striking. It was the best photo of the day. That day also happened to be my best sales day ever, so keep your fingers crossed for me that I get in this year!