Mid April

Last week I sent out my bud vase subscription.  The pieces are one of my favorite patterns- one I've been playing with since early 2104. 

This design is inspired by the early work of my favorite Japanese textile designer, Naomi Ito.  I began working in my sketchbook with blue ink, wanting to achieve a similar feeling of airy floral clusters, rendered in blue and white.  I looked at flowers in my own garden- phlox, sweet william, poppies, zinnias, and roses- and simplified and stylized the blossoms until I had a handful that I was pleased with.  Tiny forget me nots crept in after a spring trip to Maine, and foliage has crept in and out as this pattern has evolved. This design marks the point where I began painting directly onto my surfaces rather than using cobalt exclusively as inlay.  Over the years I've applied the pattern thicker and more spread out, trailing off in wisps and clustered thickly. It's still one of my favorites.   This time I used it on bright smooth English porcelain- I love the contrast between the cobalt and the bright white. 

Next week I'll have my cup and bowl subscriptions ready to ship.  They are another newer iteration of something I've been making for a long time and have been working on refining in the past year. More on that next week.

Also later this week I'll be opening up my next round of cup or bowl subscriptions.  This quarter, they will all be one of a kind sketchbook pieces.  More on that later.

Happy week, friends!