Spring update

Happy happy spring!  This winter has been funky and not quite seasonal- warmer than it should be snuggled up next to weeks of bitter cold and gray. I'm delighted with today's sunshine and warmth on the first day of spring.  I'm doing a little spring shop update this morning- a batch of these faceted cups, more onward pieces, and a few sweet cups and plates.


I have flowing celadon, aqua, and creamy white faceted cups on offer this week.  The next round will include pink and faded indigo.


I'll be rolling out more of these berry bowls in some luscious new colors next month.  This aqua is much more subdued than my old aqua, but I am just enamored with this need copper green.

And finally, if you're a member of any of my subscription plans, they are all in the kiln.  Cups, bowls, bud vases.  I got waylaid by spring break and didn't do the firing or glazing I'd planned to.  After a month of teaching and preparing for a show, I was wiped out and did not set foot in my studio at all.  Apologies for the delay!