St. Francis

I have always felt an affinity for St. Francis- his love for animals and mankind, focus on simplicity, kindness, and letting one's actions speak instead of words.  When my friend Tiffany asked me to come up with a workshop for her Theology and the Arts Institute, I knew I wanted to focus on my favorite saint.

Last week I got my first three samples fired, and all of the bird stamps to finish the fourth sample.  After researching a visual treasure trove of traditional icons and Italian ceramic renditions of St. Francis, I made four stencils to work from so that workshop participants will have a basis to start with for their own tiles.  I finished them simply, with washes of cobalt and iron oxide under clear gloss glazeand with a coating of my flowing celadon glaze.  I watered underglazes down to a watercolor wash consistency for the fourth sample to highlight the birds and St. Francis's outline.  I wanted color for this tile, but not so that it knocked you over. The tile will be bright white, with pops of color.

The class is next Tueday, October 4 (St. Francis feast day) from 5:30- 8.  Signup here

More to share later in the week.  I've been working steadily for some custom orders and inventory for the holidays.  Have a good one, friends!