Dog days of summer

Hello!  How has your summer been?  Ours is flying by.  School begins again in just under a month, and I feel like everything is in a whirlwind.  I'm trying to slow it down and notice the little things while exploring new ideas through my cup club (I tell you, after making 20+ of the same thing you really work out the kinks of a design and have a definitive answer to the "do I really want to make this" question) and filling the orders that come in.  I have been continuing to paint every day as part of my #the100dayproject (today is day 85. I am happiest when I paint daily, I've discovered) and have begun dipping my toes into social justice issues and advocacy in my city. So much good is going on in Memphis- creatively, environmentally, socially- plugging in is important and an essential part of work-life balance.  Because I tend to fall more heavily on the work side of things rather than the life side, I'm opening myself up to opportunities to engage and seek equality.  In work related events, I've got a few things on my calendar, the first of which is this weekend:

I'm joining my friend Martha Kelly again for a little weekend open studio sale THIS WEEKEND. She has some travel plans in the near future (as do I- I'm looking forward to a Maine getaway in October) and I'm in the middle of having my house repainted, so we decided to hold a little summer celebration at her studio.  Friday 5-8, Saturday 11-5:30 at 1780 Autumn St in midtown we'll have work to show and sell. We joked that we'll have pups (her dear Mr. Darcy, my Buddy, above, is not really a sale dog, and Ajax, well, he does this whenever guests come to our door), pottery, prints, paintings, and Pimm's.  Open to the public!  Martha has some new prints from her recent trip to Paris as well as a new Old Forest print of the phlox grove in Overton Park.  She has also done a reprint of her wonderful Overton Park print which almost always sells out.  As for me, I have plenty of cups, bowls, small plates, bud vases, and teapots, plus a very small number of my new birds egg pieces! Come say hello!

Next week, my DIY pottery class at Me and Mrs Jones continues! There are still spaces available, and I was so pleased with the work my last class made!  I especially love this blue and white eyelet "print", and I have to say, the more I see the flowing celadon glaze in action the better I like it.  I'm doing a lot of play with this woodgrain and celadon glaze right now for another project.  More on that later.

Next week, I'll unveil the July cup club.  I think I love them, but they're fairly time intensive and will definitely be a limited run item. 

Enjoy your summer days, friends. See you soon.