and all the sudden, June is gone

Well.  June was a whirlwind.  So much happened.  An impromptu artist demonstration at a farmer's market, participated in Overton Park's Day of Merrymaking festival, I taught a handbuilding class, had a mini-getaway that turned into a full week's unplugged (and carless) kayaking vacation on the South Fork Spring River in Hardy, Arkansas.  Between that, I worked steadily on my 100 days of painting in my sketchbook and made a few dozen cups for my cup subscription.

This is part of the batch, taken on a day so humid it fogged my camera.  Romantic cups!  I am really happy with these cups and plan to keep them in stock.  I mixed up a big batch of porcelain slip with aqua mason stains (a few different ones, so each batch will be different, which, frankly, I'm ok with.  I think I'm all through with thinking that everything has to match) and a bit of granular rutile to create the speckles and brushed the slip onto the cups.  I wish that the speckles has bloomed a bit (it's what I imagined), but they didn't, and that's fine.  The glaze finish is the satin matte I use with my stone pieces, and I really really liked that finish.  I think I'll play with this a bit more and see if I add the rutile to the glaze if it will bloom, but if not, it doesn't.  The overall effect of these cups is much more subtle than my old speckled cups, but I'm much happier with both the look and the entire production process of this second version.

I have a few unfinished cups in my studio (I shipped out the first half before our trip and had the extras waiting to be slipped and fired) and I'm planning some bowls and small plates to go with in the coming weeks. 

Looking ahead, I am planning a home sale on July 15 and 16 (because that extended vacation involved an unexpected car repair bill!), and I'm teaching at Me and Mrs Jones again on July 20. The class is not yet listed, so check back for more details!

ALSO when we were vacationing, I bought a basic set of oil paints, just on a lark.  It has been almost 20 years since I've painted in oils and in some ways it's like getting back on a bike.  You kindof know what you're doing, but you're also likely to fall spectacularly.  I'll share my early oil sketches, plus some of my Hardy inspiration, a little later.

Happy Fourth, friends!