Spring is winding its way into summer

I have a lot to share with you today.  First, I'm thrilled to be participating in Urban Barn Market again mother's day weekend.  I've been working my little fingers off throwing and firing and glazing (and I'm so grateful to good friends who helped me get through a kiln crisis with firings and repairing BOTH of my kilns right before my Sea+Stone show opened.  I will have a whole new batch of my hand-made oyster pieces, and I added some sweet little blue mussel shells, as well.  If you ask me VERY sweetly I'll pull out my Iris Apfel glasses for you, too!

Because I used slips so much in working with my sea + stone collection, I began thinking about other applications for colored slip and the silky satin clear glaze I made for those pieces.  Over the past year I've been more than a little obsessed with clouds and how to render them in watercolor.  Last week I mixed some of my cobalt wash into porcelain slip and coated this little plate with it.  I thought about underglazes for the clouds, but I am out of white underglaze, so I mixed a little more plain porcelain slip and painted clouds.  My green underglazes, on my desk from my (soon to return) Overton Park project, are on the bottom of this little plate.  This is both not at all what I expected and exactly what I'd hoped- I'm working on becoming more process oriented- and I'm looking forward to playing with this colored slip painting more this summer.

Speaking of summer, I'd like to introduce you to an idea that came from a conversation I had with a friend several years ago.  We were both members of a CSA, which, as you know, is a subscription with a farm.  He and I talked about forming a local subscription for art, but life and other projects got in the way and our plans languished.  Because I've worked so much this year on different projects, hit all sorts of roadblocks, and have had a tough time with middle school parenting, I decided to take the summer "off" from production.  However, I know myself well, and I know that I have about 10 days of not making pottery before my fingers get itchy and my eyes get twitchy.  I also know that there are several ideas I'd like to explore more in depth without committing to a new product line.  To meet both of these needs, I'm offering a Summer Cup Subscription.  This is limited to 15 subscriptions, which I plan to deliver to subscribers on the 3rd week of June, July, and August.  If this goes well, I'll offer another for the fall and winter.

The subscriptions are $100 for local customers and $130 for out of town customers.  I'll send you some sketches and images at the beginning of each month the whet your appetite, and your cups will be a variety of shapes and sizes at a discounted price.  Some months I'll make mugs, some months tumblers, and maybe a month of oversized teacups.  If you are interested but not quite ready to commit to a subscription, I will have at least five of each style available at the end of the subscription period at a slightly higher price.  If you're interested, please check here for more details, and remember to use coupon code SUBSCRIPTION to waive shipping, because it is factored into your base price. 

As always, thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing y'all again soon!