the gift of the unexpected

I tend to be, um, precise.  Sometimes I am all over the place, but generally I have a plan and I like to stick to it.  One thing I'm working on is embracing changes and flexibility and letting go of the idea that I have to (or can even) control things.  Pottery is a great tool for reforming a control freak.  Mishima (the inlay work I love so much) is the perfect surface technique for a control freak.  I love mishima, but I'm moving away from it (but not entirely) because it can be so time consuming and well, things break.  I like blue, I like white, I like a shiny clear glaze, which is reflected in most of my work.  So my joy upon opening the kiln and seeing this surprises me:

Totally and completely surprised me.  Because I believe I tried this same combination last year and really disliked it.  But last week, after a few hard days, I decided that I just needed to take 20 minutes and make something pretty.  I took two large blocks I'd carved with woodgrain, laid them out on porcelain slabs, and knocked out these two platters.  On Monday, I glazed them, thinking that they'd more or less be green, but this flowing celadon really did interesting things pooling up with the copper deposits and thinning out in the thunderstorm-damp basement I glaze in.  Perhaps letting go and seeing what happens is my lesson for this year?  Just keep making and watching?

I told you that I'd report back on the BUNNIES!  Oh my word.  The bunnies.  I'm excited to begin cranking these little sweet things out.  The test pieces were so happy and I sat down this week to make another run of ready-to-go baby cups.  I think I'm also going to offer grown-up size teacups in the bouncing bunnies, as well.  Several of those are thrown and waiting in my damp shelving for trimming next week.  BUNNIES!


These two have homes with a cousin's babies in North Carolina

And because tumblers are what *I* prefer to drink my morning coffee out of, I tested two of those, too.  So there will be tumblers a plenty and teacup style cups for big bunny lovers.

I am headed off on a New Orleans girls' adventure this weekend- it's far enough away that it feels like really getting away, close enough that you don't feel like you have to leave for a solid week to experience the city- and hope to come back home with a full sketchbook and lots of ideas to put into my work.  Have a lovely weekend, friends!