sprucing up: spring is in the air!

Over the weekend I've been doing a lot of desk work- finishing up tax prep, listing items in my etsy shop, sprucing up this website with some newer photos of my work and revising how some things are listed in my shop.  They are little things, like including responding to customer feedback by offering my happy bonjour latte cups in righty and lefty orientation.  I started a new batch of these cups this week and made sure to have an equal number of "bonjour" script facing you, whether you hold the cup in your right or left hands!  I picked up a new load of porcelain from my supplier in Nashville early this week, and I'm itching to get into it.  I'm making plans for a full spring and early summer, and excited about ideas that are bouncing around.

Several cousins in my family have recently had babies, so I've been thinking about sweet baby dishes and playing with the bunnies I made for last year's Hop Up Pop Up with Me and Mrs Jones!  Here's a little preview before they roll out at this year's spring pop up on March 24!

These little cobalt and aqua bouncing bunnies will be ready to go-in teacups, small bowls, little plates, and grown-up sized tumblers, too!  I also have acustomizeable option for those that want a personalized gift in a different design.  I just unloaded these babies from the bisque kiln and am looking forward to glazing them tomorrow!


This week I finished throwing work for my April Sea and Stone show and am moving on to glazing that work and finishing the small paintings and sketches I'll be showing with that.  I added a Sea and Stone section to my product lines, too, because I'm just so excited about them.  I hope to one day have enough inventory to list these pieces, but until then, I'm happy to have a small showing of these special pieces up.