valentine sale

Valentine's day is just around the corner and I'm working with my friend and collaborator Martha on a sweet little Valentine's sale/open studio.  I was looking through some old images for an application this morning and stumbled upon this little gem from several years ago.  I'll be revisiting, both the line and the cookie!

One of my favorite projects last fall was a large order of quote cups for some local friends.  I knew, as soon as I read their chosen quotes, that the Dickens would be perfect for valentine's.  * A loving heart is the truest wisdom*  Love is all important, but I'm not a fan of mushy sentimental depictions.  Love shown through actions and intentions is one of my guiding principles.

So I've been working away at these cups, which, by the way, are a form I developed just for my friends, and I'm really in love with.  The limited edition cups feature red script rather than my usual blue, and are available only online (starting next week) and at our sale (2/5-6) through Valentine's Day.  When they're gone, they're gone. 

Have a splendid week, friends!