testing and decisions (and a summer pop up)

As our summer winds down (school begins for us next week, August 10), I've spent less time in the studio than I'd like, but more time doing things with my boy.  It seems that this is how every summer break goes for me- much less studio time, more out-and-about time.  I have been preparing for a summer pop-up shop at High Cotton on Sunday, August 9, from 1-4pm, and I've still been testing my new clay bodies.  I just unloaded the glaze kiln I fired on Saturday and am so pleased with two of my clays.  Both the stoneware and a new porcelain did beautifully with my clear gloss and colored glazes.  I'm happy to know that I can use both of them!  First, new plates:

Stacked, you can see the smallest color difference between the two.  The stoneware is on the bottom- a hand-painted moth plate (I've been a bit obsessed with these winged creatures- more of these soon, in various iterations).  Porcelain, standard #213, is on the top. I'm not sure that most people will be able to see a difference between the two, but I do prefer the porcelain's brightness.

The moth plate, an 8.5" luncheon size plate is number 29 of my 52 plates, is wheel-thrown stoneware (standard 240), which felt marvelous when I thew and trimmed it, and did just fine with my glazes (hallelujah).  This is based on a page from my sketchbooks.  I doodled with a brush pen late one night, looking up different moth shapes, inspired by a tiny silvery moth I frequently found floating in a friend's pool.  The next morning, I repeated it in watercolor.  Then I repeated it in cobalt on this plate.  I also made it into a screen print, and I hope to have a series of these.  I'm not sure how many of these I will make because they are time intensive, but I sure am happy with this plate (which is going up on my plate wall in the kitchen).

Plate 30, a small straight-sided tray (7") wheel thrown in (Standard 213) porcelain.  It is *just* whiter and brighter than the similar stoneware is almost certainly what I'll be switching to for my blue and white work.  Almost.  I threw an entire bag of it in the last week and a half, making all of my forms, from tumblers to teapots to plates to berry bowls, and it performed admirably in both clear and colored glazes.  I'm really tickled with it.  I have yet to try to reclaim or handbuild with any of it, both of which are important tests.

I am also tickled with these sea and stone pieces.  They aren't ready to go out into the world, but I'm pleased with my progress and I love the watercolor underglaze and satin glaze.  All of these pieces were thrown in the porcelain.  I hope to have these available by October, both in person and online.

This week I'm finishing up a small round of pint-style glasses- designed to hold a 12 oz pour - for the High Cotton pop up.  I'm also finishing up a custom order I've been working on  for the past year and preparing for the October Market at Urban Barn Market.  And the holidays are just around the corner, despite blistering temperatures.

So- later this week- pints and more moths.  Have a good one, friends!