Good morning! I wanted to pop in and share a project I worked on early this year with Gokben Yamandag, a delightful Memphian with an international background.  She is a native of Turkey and has lived and studied in London, Copenhagen, Mumbai, Paris, New York, and finally settled in Memphis where her day job is running the interactive arm of a large advertising agency.  She has tremendous style, which is where we get lucky, because Gokben has developed an online boutique bringing independent artisans into our living room.  I am honored to be a part of the launch of her boutique, Lesouque, and even more pleased that a portion of each purchase goes directly to the Malala fund.  Gokben says that she was fortunate to grow up in a progressive part of Turkey, where she was encouraged and expected to further her education, but realizes that this is not the case everywhere in her own country, or in much of the world.  Girls' education is a cause close to her heart (as it is to mine), and is an important part of the mission of Lesouque.

Here are a few things I made for the initial offerings at Lesouque:

this shot is my favorite- dessert plates, bud vases, and tiny butter-pat sized dishes that I use for spoon rests, tea bag holders, and to hold peach, olive, or cherry pits at the table.

Bud vases, sold in sets of three, are perfect to keep on hand for impromptu happy gifts, hostess gifts, or to accent place settings.

And finally, my porcelain latte cups, inscribed with a cheery greeting for your morning cuppa.

Please sign up to get a preview and rewards for sharing this new venture.  I wish you best of luck, Gokben!