shop update

Hello, and happy Wednesday!  I am overwhelmed with the positive response to the Urban Barn Market and so pleased with how I did, as well.  I've taken the last two days to recoup, unpack (I'm still doing that), and reorganize my studio, as well as update my inventory in my shop.  I'll continue adding things for my out-of-town followers, as well as for those of you who couldn't make it down.  I'm planning a late May evening open house to show off some larger pieces - platters, pitchers, teapots, and serving bowls- just in time for wedding gift season.

This morning I put up the first batch of my berry bowls.  It's been several years since I've made any of these, but more are coming as soon as I get my clay issues sorted out.  I've narrowed my palate to white, cobalt, and aqua, with the occasional blue-splashed bowl, as you see here to the right.  My next batch will include quart-sized bowls, and a greater quantity of color choices. 

Just this morning I used my very old white bowl for picking sugar snap peas.  I took a moment to pull some radishes that had bolted and fed them to the chickens, only to come back and discover that Ajax quite enjoyed sugar snap peas, too.  This was my paltry harvest today, immediately rinsed and eaten:

Enjoy your week, friends!